DIY Chocolate Vegan Candies

Aloha everyone!

Hope everyone had a fun Easter a couple weeks past. I had so many of you comment on my homemade candies I made for the boys, I thought I'd share how I made them! 


If you know me, you know being The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause etc is sooooo my jam. Like, SO MY JAM. The magic in holidays has totally made a comeback in my life since growing up and now having kids. It's THE BEST to watch your children experience real magic without a doubt in their minds. That sparkle in their eyes shines so bright. With that being said, you'd think I would prepare weeks in advance for these things. ...Wrong. Haha!  I showed up to the store Easter Eve (that's what its called right?) without a trace of Easter candy left. Drats!  Which actually totally got me excited to run on over to Pinterest (as everyone does in a situation like this, right?!) to find some home made vegan candy recipes. 


I got my Reese's peanut butter eggs copy cat recipe from this link:

Instead of peanut butter I actually used almond butter (I know! But I can't have peanuts and I'm not about to miss out on Reese's eggs). For the flour I used coconut flour and sweetener I used maple syrup. 

The pretzel birds nest idea from here:


I used gluten free pretzels for these and enjoy life chocolate chips with almond butter. 

And for the York Peppermind Patties I used this recipe:


Super naughty and super good. Haha!


For the birds nest cookies, rice crispy treats, and almond joy copy cat (my favorite!) I used my own recipes that I am working on including in my new ebook, "The Slightly Lazy Vegan".  So excited to share that with you guys!  In the meantime, here are some more pictures of our Easter treats.  If you try any of them, I hope you enjoy!

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